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Sulmona: The medieval aqueduct
The aqueduct was built in 1256 and it is the symbol of the town, dating to the ancient glorious times when Sulmona was a jewel of Swabian Emperor Frederick the Second's Italian kingdom. It is an imposing hydraulic engineering work: it is composed of 21 arches, in a good state, which frame Piazza Garibaldi.

Badia: Celestinian Abbey
Approx few miles from Sulmona, in Badia Morronese, there is the Celestinian Abbey. It was founded by the Italian Pope Celestino the Fifth. He abdicated after few mounths and for this reason Dante, in his famous work “Divina Commedia”, charged him with cowardice.
The abbey was damaged by a strong earthquake in 1706, and in the course of centuries housed a boarding school, a home hospice and a prison.
You can admire the Seventeenth Century bell tower, Caldora Chapel with beautiful frescoes, a stately portal and great walls which encircle the abbey.

Scanno and its lake
Approx fifteen miles from Sulmona, there is a beautiful medieval mountain village, Scanno. It is situated in the heart of Abruzzo, in Abruzzo National Park.
It is surrounded by uncontaminated mountains, where you can follow the many paths which lead to the top. In every moment of the year, many tourists come to Scanno both in summertime to relax on the charming lake shore, and in wintertime for skiing.
Precious traditions of Scanno are
handicrafts, in particular goldsmith's, and confectionery. The most famous produce of goldsmith's art is “Presentosa”, a golden filigree jewel. About confectionery, don't forget to taste “Mostaccioli” and “Pan dell'Orso”, very good sweets.
Scanno women still wear the traditional costume, walking along the streets to be admired and be tourist's photograph taken.

Pacentro: the medieval castle
The village of Pacentro is situated in Majella National Park, overlooking Sulmona and the whole Valle Peligna. From here you can start to reach beautiful Majella – Morrone massif.
Pacentro dates back to Eight – Ninth Century A.C.; its history is tightly tied to Kingdom of Neaples' one.
The castle is one of the best preserved medieval ones. Every year, on the first sunday of September, a traditional event takes place, the socalled “Corsa degli
Zingari” (Gypsies' Race). This is a very ancient tradition, coming from Peligni people mythology.

Abruzzo Parks
Sulmona is situated in the centre of Abruzzo, which is called the “Green Region of Europe”, because the many National Parks and Nature Reserves: so that the protected areas cover 30% of the whole territory.
Nearby Sulmona there are important Parks and Reserves: “Majella National Park”, “Velino Sirente Regional Park”, the Nature Reserves of “Gole di San Venanzio”, “Monte Genzana – Alto Gizio”, “Bosco di Sant'Antonio”,
“Sorgenti del Pescara” and WWF Oasis “Gole del Sagittario”. Approx to Sulmona it is very easy to reach “Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park” and “Gran Sasso – Monti della Laga National Park”.