Bed and Breakfast in Sulmona

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“Ortolana Kitchen”
The kitchen takes its name from Santa Chiara's mother, Ortolana. Santa Chiara is a famous Italian Saint, who gave birth to Clarisse Order.
The kitchen is situated back of the building, on south side. It is warm, sunny and comfortable. You can make your meals, tasting the simple and wholesome flavours of typical Abruzzo cooking. From the balcony you can appreciate the green and blooming garden, surrounding the whole building.
Here there are many fruit trees which provide in summertime plums, green figs, loquats and in autumn persimmons.
The kitchen is equipped with cooker, oven, refrigerator and any kind of comfort.

“San Francesco Relax Room”
This is the best room to relax and forget stress and worries. In wintertime you can gather around the fireplace, in summertime from the window you can feel the refreshing breeze, coming from the garden. Whether you read a book or you admire the ancient collections of Castelli ceramics or tin boxes, you give yourself a relaxing pause of wellbeing, which reassures from tiredness.

"Assisi Kitchen"
This kitchen takes its name from the famous medieval town Assisi, where San Francesco and Santa Chiara were born. It is situated at the first floor of the building, back of it, on the south side.
This room is very warm and friendly because of the period fireplace: in wintertime you can sit in front of the popping firewood, in summertime you can turn your eyes out of the window, looking at the beautiful garden rich in fruitful trees, providing plums, green figs, loquats and persimmons.
Here you can make your meals tasting the unique typical Abruzzo cooking flavours.
The kitchen is equipped with cooker, oven, refrigerator and any kind of comfort.

“San Damiano Relax Room”
This room takes its name from a small church, in Assisi, where famous Italian Santa Chiara gave the birth to Clarisse Order.
It's one of the most beautiful rooms of the building, overlooking the back garden: you can sit down in a comfortable easy chair, reading a book or admiring Crest ceramics collection, feeling a pleasant sensation of wellbeing, forgetting any tiredness or worry.

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